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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What is SkillMint?

SkillMint is a skill-oriented platform that allows you to find and meet people who have similar skills and interests to your own. With a community-driven rating system, SkillMint makes sure that you always find your perfect partner who is at the same skill level as you are. We are aimed to help you improve your current skill level, learn a new skill, or simply make some new friends by connecting with locals who share your passions.

How can I contact someone?

By requesting a meet with this person. You'll be able to contact the user, once he or she accepts the meet.

What's a meet?

Ready to go out and practice that skill? Found someone whose skill level and location seem like a match? Request a meet, once it's accepted you can contact user, exchange information and/or set up date and time to meet.

What are meet stages?

How does the meet end and what happens after?

The meet ends automatically after both parties rate each other or the meet is declined. After it's ended, users are no longer able to contact each other. However, you can always request another meet with the same person. Note that you are only able to rate the same user once a week.

It shows that my meet has ended. Why can't I request another meet with this person?

Most likely your meet has ended due to the fact that it was declined by the person you were requesting to meet with for any reason. There is a 7-day period during which you cannot request another meet with this person.

How many meets can I request at the same time?

You can request as many meets as you want as long as they are with different people. You can only request one meet at a time with the same person.

Can I meet with 2 or more users simultaneously?

Sure thing. Just make a separate meet requests to each user individually.

How do the ratings work and how do I provide a competent rating?

After the meet we ask everyone to rate the other person. We calculate ratings based on multiple factors including but not limited to how you evaluate the other user's skills compared to your own. Here are some points you might find helpful:

Remember that accurate rating helps SkillMint community members inculding you find a better match for future meets and to better track skill progress.

I know of somebody who has rated me, but it doesn't show on my profile. Why does it still say "not enough ratings yet"?

Our ratings are anonymous, meaning you will not know how you were rated by a specific user and vice versa the user will not know how you have rated him or her. Therefore to keep SkillMint members’ rating activity anonymous, your ratings will only update after three different users have rated you.

What is the skill mint or mint coin?

It is a currency that we use around here. The more skill mints you have, the better benefits you get. As of right now the more skill mints you have the higher in search results you show up which makes it easier for others to find you. We will be adding more..

How do I earn skill mints?

Currently there are 4 ways you can earn mints:

We'll be adding more...

How do I change my skill level?

You cannot. It's adjusted automatically when other users rate you.

How do I level up?

Once you accumulate a certain number of positive ratings your level will go up. The more people you meet the more you are going to get rated.

I leveled down. Is it a bad thing?

Not at all! It can be a good thing. Most likely you over-evaluated yourself when you added the skill and now you could feel more comfortable with this adjusted level. Keep meeting people and watch your skill level grow.

How do I delete a skill?

You cannot at the moment. We are working on it.

What are the different skill levels?

How do I upload a profile picture?

Click the picture on your profile page. The maximum image size is 4MB.