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Jesse M

Sunnyvale, CA, USA

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I've been teaching music since 2006. I really enjoy helping people make music a meaningful part of their life. Let me know what your goals are, and I'll show you the path you need to take to get there. 



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  • Monroe W 4 years ago
    I've taken guitar lessons with Jesse for several months and believe he is an excellent teacher. He always has good energy in our lessons and has done a great job guiding my practice with both external resources and those he's made himself. He is a talented multi-instrumentalist and experienced instructor. I look forward to the progress I'll be making as I continue taking lessons with Jesse!
  • Rajeev 5 years ago
    After a break of more than a year I wanted to restart my Trumpet lessons. I chose Jesse based on the reviews and Jesse did not disappoint. He is very patient and focused teacher. I liked his structured method and tools he uses. I was able to get back in groove in no time. Highly recommended.
  • Juergen H. 5 years ago
    As an adult student of intermediate skill level, I was looking for a guitar teacher to improve my picking technique and my improvisational skills. In the first two lessons, Jesse observed what I was struggling with, and he took the time to understand what I enjoyed working on the most. He custom-tailored a practice plan for me, and we keep updating it from lesson to lesson, depending on my progress. Thanks to Jesse, both my dexterity and my ability improvise have increased quite substantially already. Jesse quickly understands your skill level, he delivers perfectly tailored instructions, and he helps you get your skills to the next level.
  • Alan 5 years ago
    Jesse is highly skilled and it was evident with every instrument I ever saw him play. What sets him apart from a lot of other music teachers I have had is that he focuses on what YOU want to learn. He takes in account your current skill level and incorporates the necessary practice regiments that will help you improve while still keeping it fun and engaging. It is also awesome that he provides band lessons. Learning to play with others is an integral part of learning and enjoying music. I wish such a thing was available back when I was first learning how to play an instrument.
  • Kevin O'Connell 5 years ago
    I met Jesse as a fellow musician when starting a band. Though I could PLAY bass, I didn't have the knowledge to apply theory and other tools to improve my playing and speed up my learning. Jesse started teaching me how the fretboard works (other than just numbers), keys, and the corresponding modal scales, and even technique for playing better. At first I was confused and impressed by this new world, but his ability to break down each element, and apply it to your personal learning style is really beneficial to any player. He's helped transition from playing bass like a rhythm guitar to playing bass like the instrument it should be, and opened me up to many opportunities to play with his other students as well. Definitely the teacher to check out if you want to improve your playing, and know you have the drive. He will call you on it, if you haven't been practicing!
  • Lisa W. 5 years ago
    Jesse is a great instructor. I'm an adult who had no experience with music before. He is very patient and finds new ways to explain concepts I don't understand the first time. He uses my favorite songs to teach me new skills. He also takes time to find other songs for me to play. He urges me to do my best, and not to be afraid to make mistakes. I have learned a great deal about music and can hardly wait to go to my lessons!
  • Shawna D. 5 years ago
    Jesse has worked with all 3 of my kids. Trumpet, piano and guitar, including voice. Jesse is passionate about music and sharing it. He loves what he does and his enthusiasm translates to the students. He inspires them to push their limits and really enjoy the experience. He is professional, experienced, interested, and easy going but very reliable--a rare combination.
  • Will R. 5 years ago
    I have been consistently playing guitar for over 15 years, and within one lesson Jesse taught me new approaches to both guitar and songwriting that immediately inspired me. He has a great depth of knowledge and passion for music, and that comes through in each lesson. He quickly pinpointed the areas I needed to practice, and helped me craft a practice routine, and he continues to show me areas I can improve during each lesson. He plays many different instruments and uses them to teach, which comes in especially handy for learning rhythm. It also means I get to practice playing along with those different instruments, which is always a good thing. He has an easygoing attitude which makes learning easy, as I never feel intimidated or afraid to ask questions. I look forward to my lesson every week!
  • Craig H. 5 years ago
    This is not the piano teacher you remember! Oh how I wish I had a teacher like Jesse when I was a kid! He grabbed my daughter's interest from the beginning by teaching her to play a simple version of a song she loved. He then got her comfortable with the piano in general- then moved to reading and playing sheet music. She will play and practice 1-3 times a day and it is not forced or timed. I love this! I feel like she is being appropriately challenged and learning what it takes to become a good artist! He has a lot of great equipment that is fun for the kids and is very on top of music and technology. Thank you Jesse!
  • Kathryn M. 5 years ago
    Jesse is an awesome music teacher who is extremely easy to work with and very knowledgeable. I started out playing guitar, and have now done everything from drums, bass, singing, piano, and composing. He is very passionate about music and encourages all of his students to have a love for music while they learn. Jesse is super talented, and very patient, and in general, makes learning an instrument or anything else a really fun experience. I would highly recommend him to anyone!
  • Karen S. 5 years ago
    My son started taking trumpet lessons with Jesse last summer, but soon confessed that he really didn't like the instrument. He asked if he could try drums. I suggested that he do that and perhaps try some guitar or keyboards also. He has stuck with drums and loves it, but also asked Jesses to help him with a vocal song he'd like to perform for his school's talent show this spring. I LOVE the fact that Jesse can help him try out so many different aspects of musicianship in his fabulous in-house studio! The first "recital"/jam session was so amazing that my 9 year old daughter asked if she could also take lessons with Jesse. Now both of my kiddos are singing, Jamming and keyboarding together, and it is so much fun. I hated piano lessons as a kid. I was always in trouble for not practicing enough, but everything the teacher gave me to work on was so unappealing. I wanted a different music experience for my kids. I have found it with Jesse. He is so talented and inspiring. He listens to his students and gently moves them to accomplish amazing results. With his back help, even beginning students can feel like they are part of a band and really making music. I feel so fortunate to have found Jesse and for my kids to have such a positive and well rounded musical introduction. I have even decided to take guitar lessons for myself now! My husband had similar negative music experience as I did as a child and was very negative about my efforts to have our kids take music lessons at all until he came to the first recital/jam session at Jesse's studio. He loved it and could completely appreciate how much fun the kids were having learning how to play music in a more modern and flexible environment.
  • Andre L. 5 years ago
    Jesse is, by far, the best music teacher I have ever had. He is able to effectively leverage my existing knowledge in order to quickly teach me new ideas and concepts of both creating and playing music. I wanted a flexible and talented teacher who could reinforce theory on bass guitar, piano and voice. Jesse has seamlessly done this, and more! Some teachers play or dictate a lesson. Jesse "watches & listens" attentively and finds ways for the student to "connect" to the lesson. I have been playing music for over 30 years. I highly recommend Jesse to anyone: from novice to advanced artist. Choose him!