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Bill P

Oakland, CA, USA

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About Me

I have been studying more and more with the world's greatest Tennis Coaches. I am a part of the Tom Stow coaching tree. My mentors are those who were directly coached by Tom. Tom Stow has produced: the first ever Grand Slam Champion. I stay current on the cutting edge and regularly interact with ATP, WTA and other coaches well noted for advancing the art of teaching and coaching the game.

I am also a published author for Tennis and all my books have 5 Stars, with a few 4 star reviews in there too. They are inexpensive and supplement the training. 

Certified as a professional with PTR, MTMCA, and Elite Professional with USPTA, I have over 200 units of continuing education. 

* Uniquely trains each player - No cookie cutter or dogmatic approach
* Strong background in Psychology, Education, Mind/Body Connection
* Understand different learning modalities and how people shift between them
* Extremely thorough knowledge of Tennis strokes and methods
* slow motion camera. Makes crystal clear what is happening. (files can be edited and shared for visualization)
* Certified Elite Professional USPTA, Professional PTR, and MTMCA
* Develops the relationship with the player, learns and supports THEIR goals.
* Have helped players up to a 6.0 level
* Collaborative and Educational, not Controlling and Forcing.

There is only one way to experience this.
* Use of ball machine gets us on the same side of the net.
* Ability to hit any ball you will face in competition.
* Helps guide best practices in thinking on a Tennis Court.

I teach at Sequoyah Country Club, and can also teach at many Oakland Parks with few exceptions.



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  • Kate C 5 years ago
    So I was looking for a new sport to help me get and stay fit, and have some fun in the process. Volleyball was too time consuming and logistically impractical with little kids at home. Golf, well, not for me. I met Bill at a neighborhood social and we talked for quite a bit about kids and sports, and kids and tennis in particular. The man is energetic, enthusiastic, and passionate about his tennis! I started taking lessons with my 6-year old daughter. It's been a year and I'm hooked on this fabulous sport! So is my daughter. He is soooo good with the kids. Each class is a combination of him teaching the kids how to hold the racket, how to hit the ball, how to be a good sport, and how to be a decent person in general. As for me, well I've done many sports in my lifetime, and Bill is the best coach I've ever had. Armed with a great sense of humor and an abundance of tennis knowledge, he makes me want to try my hardest to improve. I learn something from each lesson. And have a fantastic time in the process.
  • Fon S 5 years ago
    My husband and I are both beginners. In one lesson Bill helped us adjust our swing and correctly position ourselves. He knows how to correct bad habit to help us improve.
  • Ellie T 5 years ago
    Bill has a unique way of coaching, one that really makes a difference. I played tennis as a young girl (4.0) and I haven't played in a long time. From the wrist, the grip, levels of swing, stance, footing - he knows it all. His method of coaching helped my game in the shortest time, much quicker than past coaches. I highly recommend seeing Bill if you want to become a great player!!
  • Anna K 5 years ago
    My two daughters 8 and 11 yo went to Cal state Nike tennis camp this summer. The camp was ran by Bill. They both had great time and their tennis skills improved dramatically. Definitely going next year!
  • Lani S 5 years ago
    I heard of Bill through friends and other tennis networks but mostly his work with High School teams. I expected constant drills of groundstrokes, serves, footwork, and nitpicking on form and going away from a lesson with frustration and not progressing to the next level. Instead, I have gained more knowledge of the sport of tennis and I am learning so much about myself in the process. His techniques and way of thinking can make you apply to other areas of life. Yes, he makes it fun and as a result I have improved and feel very confident with my game.
  • Flossy P 5 years ago
    Bill is an enthusiastic coach. You can see from his interactions with the kids that he is passionate and enjoys teaching tennis. My son is currently taking lessons from him and I am quite impressed with his progress, behavior and sportsmanship. Bill not only teaches the kids about tennis but also about how to mentally prepare themselves for certain situations and life long lessons. If you have children interested in taking tennis lessons, I highly recommend taking lessons from Bill.
  • Alex D 5 years ago
    Made my serve weapons grade